Roblox Promo Codes

Roblox games are the best games for children because Roblox platform contains an unlimited number of games to enjoy.all of these games are free, so 100 million others use this platform to enjoy online playing.

Roblox platform gives you many adventure games, more competition, and challenges with your friends. Once you enter the game, you will get special virtual tools to create your own world in the game.

The best feature of this platform is the classification of games according to type and popularity to make it easier for the users to choose the games that suit them.

In terms of security and protection systems, Roblox games provide complete protection for children from the dangers that they may be exposed to while using the Internet. So Roblox platform uses the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

After knowing the Roblox platform for games, I will present to you a set of Roblox games and their promo codes that you can use to get money, tools, and win in the game.

Restaurant Tycoon 2

Restaurant Tycoon 2 is a cooking game. In this game, you will have your own restaurant that you supervise to manage it by yourself and provide the best food to your customers and the ability to change the style and furniture of your restaurant, and provide food quality.

But the main problem you will face while trying to do this is that your money will not always be enough to buy all That you want.

So I offer you the solution using Roblox Restaurant Tycoon 2 Codes, which will provide you more money and diamonds for free in a few seconds to upgrade your restaurant and make it the best restaurant in the game.

How to use Roblox promo codes?

  1. Click on the store icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. At the top, there is a Twitter button, click on it.
  3. You will find a text field area where you can type the code in it.  
  4. Copy the code and paste it in the text field area.
  5. Hit the claim button to activate the code and to get your reward.

Restaurant Tycoon 2 codes

  • If you want 15 gems, write this code (newmap2020) or this code (bored). 
  • If you want the dolphin item, write this code (ocean). 
  • If you want 250 cash, write this code (razorfishgaming).


The idea for the Egg game presented by Roblox revolves around the animals that you own and give you eggs, money, and gems, but you need a lot of free robux to buy those animals

Although You can easily get those animals for free by Using egg promo codes that will be mentioned, you can upgrade your character faster and win the game.

Egg promo codes

  • To get Unicorn Pet, use this code(SUPER).
  • To get Ninja Cat Pet, use this code(CAT).
  • To get Lion Pet, use this code(LION).
  • To get Spring Bear Pet, use this code(BEAR).
  • To get Flower Golem Pet, use this code(SPRING).
  • To get happy Giraffe Pet, use this code(ZOO).
  •  To get Teddy Bear Pet, use this code(Teddy).
  • To get Grumpy Cat Pet, use this code(Gravy).
  • To get Eggdeeri Pet, use this code(EGG).
  • To get Rainbow Santa Doge Pet, use this code(Santa).
  • To get Patriot Puppy Pet, use this code (Patriot).
  • To get Galaxy Pirate Pet, use this code (Comet).
  • To get Ghost Dominus Pet, use this code (Boo).
  • To get Rainbow Dog Pet, use this code(BEACH).

Mining Simulator

This is a mining and digging game where you can dig in mines and extract stones and jewels with special drilling tools.

You can change your tools and clothes in the game for better performance, but the problem that will face you is the inability to buy new modern tools that will help you dig faster if you don’t have enough money.

Thus I offer you the Mining Simulator promo codes that will allow you to buy new clothes, bags, and a new ax for digging Faster.

Roblox promo codes for Mining Simulator

  • To get 1 Coin, write this code (FutureMSOwner).
  • To get 1,000 Coins write this code (isaac) or (LotsOfCoins) or (Money).
  • To get 2,000 Coins, write this code (Bear) or (Candy).
  • To get 2,500 Coins, write this code (Arcade) or (Selfie) or (JellyBean). 
  • To get 5,000 Coins write this code.
  • (RexexSquad)or(Trades)or(Sand)or(Dinosaur). 
  • To get 10,000 Coins, write this code (Koala) or (Bread).
  • To get 20,000 Coins, write this code (WeBreakRoblox).


The idea of ​​the Gorilla game is walking into the forest by Using your character in the game, you can eat what you want from the forest’s delicious fruits. Still, unfortunately, you will be in danger because the gorilla will attack you, so you have to run and hide from it.

So you can also use the gorilla promo codes to protect yourself from it, and in the advanced levels of play, you may become the king of the gorilla, and then you can control it completely.

Roblox promo codes for Gorilla game

  • If you want 2,000 free Coins, use this code (5kLikes).
  • If you want 1,000 free Coins, use this code (Gorilla).
  • If you want 2,000 free Coins, use this code (1kLikes).

Driving Simulator

Driving Simulator is an exciting game where the idea of ​​this game is to challenge in car racing, in this game you can buy better and newer types of cars from the car catalog, but this will require you much money, so I will make it easy for you to earn money by giving you promo codes to gain money and buy any car, to increases the odds of winning in races.

Driving Simulator promo codes

  • For 50,000 cash, write this code (50K).
  • For 25,000 cash, write this code (25K).


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